Forest School for Business

Get out of the office and develop your team’s business skills in an exciting and unusual environment. Plan for the future, explore new ideas and get to know each other better.

North Yorkshire Forest School provides participant-led sessions which encourage creative thinking, team working, resilience and communication. It’s the perfect environment for business development!


Are you looking to develop your team’s communication skills? Or are you looking to develop a marketing or advertising campaign? Give youselves time and space to think about your words. We’ll guide you through a series of communication based activities designed to get your team thinking before they speak!

Team Work

Team work is vital to the success of your business. Without it you’ll struggle to make progress and your staff may end up demoralised and lacking enthusiasm. Let us arrange a Forest School activitiy day based around team working activities. We’ll help you get your staff working well together and supporting each other.

Small woodland den built from ferns

Creative Thinking

Need to come up with some new ideas or solve a complex problem? Sometimes getting out into the fresh air is the best solution. Let us structure a Forest School programme for you around creative thinking. We can address your problem directly or give you some ideas for tackling it once you get back in the office.

Encouragement & Perseverance

Is your team is easily discouraged or lacking in perseverance when it comes to making progress at work? A discouraged team will be ineffective and difficult to lead. We can provide a Forest School activity day structured around activities aimed at developing character and growing in resilience.

Cutting through log with saw

How Does This Work?

Single Sessions

If you want to run a single session for your team we can provide a Forest School session in a variety of locations, focussing on a specific skill such as team work or communication.

Multiple Sessions

To make the most of Forest School activities, multiple sessions are recommended. Let us put together a programme which will give your team the best opportunity for growth.

Just For Fun

Perhaps you’re just looking for an alternative to the traditional staff night out or away day? Come to the woods! We’ll arrange a day of fun, interactive activities which your team will love!