Schools and Groups

Forest School has long been established in Scandinavian countries as foundational to primary and secondary education.

However you choose to implement Forest School sessions within your school or group, the benefits are far-reaching.

Confidence and Self-Esteem

Forest School activities help students grow in confidence. They’ll find themselves capable of far more than they thought, as they take part in Forest School activities designed to build their sense of self-esteem.

Resilience & Perseverance

In an environment which encourages exploration and where trial and error is encouraged, students will soon develop a reslience to learning which will transfer back into their classroom based learning.

Small hand tools on woodland floor

Team Work

Students with more practical skills and creative imaginations will often find themselves benefitting from team work tasks as they recognise their capacity to lead, and also to listen!


By engaging students in communication about their Forest School activities, participants will develop communication skills as they learn to discuss ideas and feedback on progress.

Small campfire in woodland

Forest School Sessions For…

Primary Education

We can provide Forest School sessions for your primary school. These can either be at your school, or we can arrange a suitable location depending on travel arrangements and group size.

Secondary Education

Push older students to grow in confidence and resiliance. We can create sessions for older students which will enable them to push beyond their comfort zones and build their self-esteem.

Community Groups

Want to run a Forest School session for your Cub, Scouts, Brownies, Guides or other community group? We can organise and run an engaging Forest School session for you group.